This Publix Birthday Cake Misunderstanding Will Make Your Day

One bakery employee took a set of cake decorating instructions all too literally.

May 25, 2023


Photo by: John Greim/Getty Images

John Greim/Getty Images

When someone asks what you want on your cake, and you reply, “Just happy birthday is perfect. Thank you.” You probably expect two words on your cake — not seven.

Someone better tell that to the bakery employee at Florida-based supermarket chain Publix, who fulfilled the birthday-cake order placed by TikToker Tefi’s mother’s receptionist the other week.

Actually, the employee is probably well aware of that by now. And we hope they’ve been able to laugh at the misunderstanding along with the 268,600 people who have viewed an image of the cake Tefi shared in a video on her TikTok account.

@hellotefi #greenscreen HAHAHAHA I LOVE YOU @Publix TE QUIERO DEMASIADOOOOO #miami #miamidade #305 #floridacheck #florida ♬ original sound - hellotefi

“Hi, so nice to meet you. My name is Tefi. I’m from Miami,” says the TikToker, whose given name is Estefania Pessoa, by way of introduction, possibly in anticipation that the video would go viral. “I’ve been living in New York for the past 10 years, but my family is still in Miami, so I get many a ridiculous WhatsApp [message]. Yes, we are Latin. Yes, we use WhatsApp. Yes, she sends me two-minute voice memos. Not this time. Let me share.”

She continues: “Have you heard of Publix, where shopping is a pleasure? Of course you have. It’s fantastic.”

“I get this WhatsApp from my mother yesterday. Let’s read it together,” Tefi says.

She reads: ‘The receptionist ordered a cake from Publix today and they asked her what the cake should say.’”

Without further comment, Tefi shows a photo of the cake the receptionist received from Publix. It’s a lovely, white-frosted cake, decorated with berries and the following message scripted in pink icing and underlined with a flourish: “Just Happy Birthday is perfect thank you.”

And then Tefi laughs and laughs — as, apparently, did many commenters who responded to her video.

“LMAOOOOO getting a cake like that would literally make it the best birthday ever,” wrote one.

“it gets funnier the more i watch,” another shared.

“How do you frame a cake?!” a third wondered. “This is ART.”

True. So deliciously true.

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