Family Goes Viral on TikTok for Unique Cake Tradition

You’ll flip out when you see it!

August 06, 2021
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What’s your family’s birthday cake tradition? Most likely, it involves candles, a song or two and maybe, if you’re particularly rowdy, a cake smash. While those are all fairly standard practices, one New Jersey family dominated TikTok with their own celebration tradition — a cake flip.

For the Carney family, who goes by @thebigdognation20 on Instagram and TikTok, no party is complete without the guest of honor taking the cake and flipping it in the air, similar to pizza dough. According to their TikToks, every family member, from children to grandparents, are required to flip everything from large sheet cakes to pies and cookie cakes. Newly engaged partners have to flip, too. As the family wrote in the comments, the cake flip is a rite of passage.

How did this start, you might be wondering? As they said on TikTok, it started with “a couple of cousins, some beer and a dare.” And, with more than 20 grandkids in the family, there’s always an occasion to celebrate.

Of course, not every cake flip is a success. Though their TikTok channel is full of perfect landings, the Carneys also uploaded a blooper reel full of misses, falls and cake-covered clothing. Whether the family eats those less-than-perfect cakes depends on “the level of damage,” according to their TikTok comments, but they’re always sure to have a backup cake as well.

According to the family, missing the cake (or catching it upside-down) means “you don’t age.” Even though we at Food Network are not ones to waste cake (or any dessert, truthfully), we have to agree — this is one tradition we could definitely get behind!

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