Sloppy Joes From Around the World

A crowd-pleasing sandwich that is as quick to make as it is easy on the wallet, the sloppy joe is a go-to favorite among kids and grownups alike. This weekend, ditch the Manwich and add some global flair to this comfort food classic. Just a few ethnic spices and creative preparations are all you'll need to turn this predictable supper into an eat-with-your-hands meal to remember. Don’t forget the napkins.

Aarti Sequeira’s Bombay Sloppy Joes recipe from Food Network Magazine uses lean ground turkey instead of traditional beef and features a light ginger-laced tomato sauce. Before spooning the meat onto the bun, Aarti adds crunchy pistachio nuts and chewy raisins for extra texture in this hearty dish.

Food 2’s 25-minute Middle Eastern Chicken Sloppy Joe recipe features ground chicken mixed with a subtle cinnamon-yogurt sauce. Put into warm pita pockets with cool cucumber and fresh tomato slices for a light but satisfying sloppy joe.

For a spicy sandwich, try these Italian Sloppy Joes from Made with hot Italian sausage and basil, and topped with creamy mozzarella cheese, these joes are practically singing with quintessential Italian tastes. For additional flavor, rub a sliced garlic clove over split, just-toasted rolls before serving.

No list of sloppy joe recipes would be complete without at least one representing the tried-and-true American classic. Ellie Krieger puts a slim twist on this domestic dish with her Sloppy Joes from Cooking Channel. Featuring protein-packed pinto beans and a sweet and tangy molasses-vinegar tomato sauce, Ellie’s sloppy joe is scooped onto good-for-you whole-grain buns. Best of all, you can put this healthy pick on the table in just 30 short minutes.

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