Recipes With Color: Grape

By: Marissa Bell

The season's usual hues are red, green, silver and deep blue, but this December HGTV’s Color of the Month is glamming it up with grape. It’s a juicy pick to add to our palates and this beautiful berry color is among my favorite shades.

You may be thinking of a particular recipe that bears this color, something with grapes or wine. Sure, I love the sweet and tart orbs, but this grape-toned dish of Sauteed Cabbage and Apples by Melissa d’Arabian is my go-to comfort food. Delightfully, it does include a generous splash of red wine. My mom’s version, which I called "the purple cabbage stuff," is a staple in my family, requested at Thanksgiving, Christmas and birthday dinners.

First introduced to my family when a friend of my dad’s came to visit and his German girlfriend cooked it, its lively jeweled tone continues to capture my eye. The dish is a joy to prepare — unfolding the cabbage’s tightly bound grape-colored leaves is like opening a present. The result is a sweet and tangy side dish to complement any meal.

Last holiday season I received one of the best foodie gifts for Christmas. It was a pink binder simply titled “Mom’s Recipes,” and it included the recipe for my grape-colored comfort food. I’ve made it a few times during the past year, but I’m most looking forward to this year’s New Year's dinner, where my mom will cook up her recipe of the purple cabbage stuff, which is the way I like it best.

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