Chinese Takeout at Home



Though it’s easy to pick up the phone and order Chinese food takeout, it can be just as simple to cook up those white-box favorites in your own kitchen — often without the extra cost and unnecessary calories and fat. Prep your pantry for traditional Chinese recipes by picking up a few Asian-food staples, such as soy and chili sauces, rice wine vinegar and fresh ginger, and you’ll be ready to serve up classic appetizers and main dishes in a flash. Find a menu of our favorite Chinese foods below, including stir-fried chicken, fried rice, dumpling soup and more.

Though they're far more heart-healthy than their deep-fried counterparts, Baked Spring Rolls are every bit as light, golden and perfectly crisp. Those pictured above from Food Network Magazine are filled with delicate lump crab, green cabbage and fresh ginger and served with a salty, sweet soy-mirin sauce.

Cooking Channel’s Ching-He Huang is the queen of Asian cuisine. Her authentic Yang-Yang Crispy Beef recipe showcases sirloin steak tossed in an orange-chili sauce, nestled atop a bed of fresh romaine and cool sliced cucumber. She also features a traditional take on the authentic General Tso’s Chicken, laced with a tangy, crimson-colored sauce. Though Ching-He cooks both chicken dishes in a wok, they can be made in a screaming-hot skillet just as well. For a starchy side, serve this with a scoop of’s easy Vegetable Fried Brown Rice. Carrots, cabbage, peas and bean sprouts add texture and pops of color to the plate, while quick-scrambled egg whites offer a bit of heft.

If you tend to prefer takeout noodles, opt for this Fall River Pork Chow Mein from Cooking Channel instead. Emeril prepares his dish with earthy shiitake mushrooms, tender shredded pork and fried strips of egg roll wrappers that become noodles.

To round out your home-cooked table of takeout staples, cook up a batch of Food Network Magazine's  Chinese Dumpling Soup (pictured above). With fresh ginger, baby spinach and your choice of filled dumplings, this comforting bowl is ideal on chilly winter nights.

Visit Food Network for Chinese New Year recipes and more ways to Take On Chinese Takeout.   

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