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Have you heard? This Sunday is the Super Bowl. We have wing, nacho and chili recipes galore, all to ensure that your Big-Game Bash will not leave you fumbling in the kitchen. But what if you’re not a sports fan or simply prefer to stay away from those deliciously decadent dishes? Then this weekend, the name of the game is rich, hearty, bold-flavored soups instead. Below, check out a few of our most super bowls of soup, perfect for game day or any other.

With buttered croutons, rustic potatoes, salty bacon and a generous splash of cream, Food Network Magazine’s Potato-Leek Soup With Bacon is a no-fail recipe that is ready in only 40 minutes. Pureeing just half of the soup is an easy way to ensure the broth’s smooth consistency while preserving its chunky texture.

Though Ellie Krieger lightens up traditional Tomato-Tortilla Soup by cooking with chicken broth instead of heavy cream, her recipe from Cooking Channel promises classic flavor from lime juice, sautéed garlic and plenty of tomatoes. For a crispy, crunchy touch, garnish with golden tortilla strips before serving.



Prop Stylist: Marina Malchin Food Stylist: Jamie Kimm,Prop Stylist: Marina Malchin Food Stylist: Jamie Kimm

Photo by: Con Poulos

Con Poulos

Sure, you may be more interested in the commercials or halftime show than you are in any field goal or touchdown, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pay homage to the New York Giants and New England Patriots by serving up Fish Chowder, a bowl both Northeast-based teams are famous for. Though chowder is often made with clams, Food Network Magazine’s recipe (pictured above) boasts whitefish, smoked trout and a sprinkling of bacon.’s vegetarian Moroccan Lentil and Chickpea Soup is thick, meaty and overflowing with good-for-you ingredients, including brown lentils, chewy chickpeas and fresh vegetables. A combination of turmeric, cinnamon, ginger and a few shakes of hot sauce guarantees a savory, spiced soup that is bursting with warmth.

Create your own perfect bowl by choosing from a range of veggies to add to Cooking Channel’s Curried Coconut Vegetable Noodle Soup (pictured above). This Asian-inspired recipe features hints of sweetness from its coconut-water base but maintains subtle heat, thanks to a chopped jalapeno pepper and chile-dusted noodles.

Visit Food Network Magazine for recipes for 50 Soups and more. 

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