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grilled pizza with spicy sausage

This grilling season, classic cookout fare is getting revamped. Think Bruschetta Dogs and grilled desserts. Don’t get me wrong, I'm still perfectly content with a good old burger. But with all the buzz around new foods that look great with char lines, I had to join in on the fun. Toss a pizza on the grill? I’m on it.

Pizza has become a go-to meal for my beau and me. It's a no-fuss dinner that tends to be forgiving to newbies like us. Add too much cheese? No such thing. Trouble rolling the dough? Call it art. We've even taken off the training wheels and come up with our own topping combos and techniques, without relying on recipes. However, when the decision came down to grilling the pie for our next date night, I wanted the guidance of an expert. And who better than the grill master himself, Bobby Flay?

This Grilled Pizza With Hot Sausage, Grilled Peppers, Onions and Oregano Ricotta is a mouthful to say, and a mouthful to enjoy. Though it takes a hefty dose of prepping, don’t let that scare you away. It's well worth the effort. Serve it on a night when you're looking for a major ego boost, as each of its elements is sure to impress.

I can't say what I love most about this dish because each part contributes equally to the end deliciousness. With its subtle, nutty flavor, fontina is the perfect base cheese. The onions and peppers add a zesty sweetness tinged with smokiness. Dollops of the oregano-infused ricotta offer a cool relief to the hot sausage, and drizzles of the basil vinaigrette add bright color and fresh tanginess. The crust is soft and airy on the inside and charred and crispy on the outside. Really, what more could you want?

Here are a few things to consider before making this recipe:

  • Read and re-read the recipe and instructions to come up with a plan of attack. Prepping ingredients beforehand (mise en place) will make the process run a lot more smoothly.
  • As the instructions say, let the pizza rest a bit before eating. It'll make all the difference when you slice.
  • I had a lot of extra toppings that I wasn't able to fit on the pizza. Use the extras to make a hearty sandwich. The leftover ricotta also makes a delicious spread.

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