The 5 Best Baked Bean Recipes You'll Want to Make Again and Again

Here's how to dress up the beloved classic.

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If you’re looking for a flavorful side dish that pairs perfectly with a spread of barbecue, baked beans is a classic. Though they take a little bit of time to put together, the end result is saucy, smokey and impossible to pass up. Though traditional baked beans are often made with bacon and white beans, a lot of other ingredients can be incorporated to make your beans a bit more unique. Here are 5 delicious baked bean recipes we can’t wait to make.

Vegan Baked Beans (pictured above)

No need to do a double-take — this baked beans recipe is in fact vegan! Dried shiitake mushrooms replace the smoked meat that’s normally found in traditional versions, while retaining that umami flavor you'll be expecting. It’s a delicious option for people who can’t or choose not to eat meat, but still want to enjoy all the yummy flavors of baked beans.



Food Stylist: Anne Disrude Prop Stylist: Marina Malchin ,Food Stylist: Anne DisrudeProp Stylist: Marina Malchin

Photo by: Yunhee Kim ©Yunhee Kim 2011

Yunhee Kim, Yunhee Kim 2011

If you thought baked beans couldn’t be healthy, this recipe is sure to turn you into a believer. Not only is it loaded up with wholesome veggies like leafy Swiss chard, sweet carrots, crunchy celery and juicy tomatoes, it also uses pinto and navy beans, plus diced turkey (or ham) for some extra depth.

Ten minutes is all you need to put together this fun baked beans recipe from Sunny Anderson. Sunny uses mango salsa to dress up her canned baked beans, plus some red chili flakes to give them the perfect balance of sweet and heat.

BBQ Baked Beans

Photo by: Teri Lyn Fisher

Teri Lyn Fisher

Though this recipe takes over an hour to make from start to finish, you’ll still save a lot of time thanks to its use of store-bought canned baked beans. A few dashes of molasses and barbecue sauce add pops of sweet and spicy flavor, while crispy bacon and dark brown sugar bring it altogether. We love the idea of spooning some of these yummy beans onto a hot dog or adding a big spoonful to a slice of toasted bread for an elevated weeknight lunch or dinner.

Photo by: Matt Armendariz ©2014, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved

Matt Armendariz, 2014, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved

Thinly sliced pancetta, canned cannellini beans, balsamic vinegar, tomato sauce and dark beer take center stage in this ultra comforting side dish from Giada De Laurentiis. When pouring your beans into your pot, be sure to avoid overmixing them — doing so might cause them to fall apart! Be sure not to skimp on the Dijon mustard either — it adds a lovely tang to this dish that’s super unique and unexpected.

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