Best 5 French Onion Soup Recipes

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Winter comfort food at its finest, French onion soup is a hearty, complete meal in bowl that needs no adornments other than a generous blanket of rich, creamy cheese and perhaps a slice of crusty bread. The key to making any French onion soup is properly cooking the onions. Instead of quickly sauteing them until browned, it's important to cook them over low heat for a long period of time until they're soft, boasting a deliciously sweet taste and deep golden, caramelized color. Check out Food Network's top-five French onion soup recipes below to find out how your favorite chefs and stars put their signature spins on this crave-worthy seasonal soup.

5. Rachael's French Onion Soup-Topped French Bread Pizzas and Salad With Dijon Vinaigrette (pictured above) — Rachael takes the classic ingredients of French onion soup out of a bowl and turns them into an eat-with-your-hands meal by piling sherry-spiked onions and a duo of decadent cheeses atop French bread and then baking.

4. Anne's French Onion Soup — "Caramelized onions are very sweet and require a fair amount of salt," Anne says of her simple-to-make soup, which is why she strongly recommends tasting the broth before serving.

3. Ina's French Onion Soup — To build multiple layers of taste in her one-pot soup, Ina first simmers buttery onions with sherry and brandy, then adds a splash of white wine plus stock to round out the warm, comforting broth.

2. Melissa's French Onion Soup — Just a squeeze of lemon juice adds a subtle brightness to Melissa's top-rated recipe, best served in individual crocks topped with a slice of baguette and grated Swiss and Parmesan cheeses.

1. Tyler's French Onion Soup — Finished with cheesy croutons, Tyler's five-star soup boasts a red wine-beef broth base and is laced with fresh thyme and bay leaves. Click the play button on the video below to watch how he makes this easy, no-fail recipe.

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Tyler's French onion soup is a hearty classic that's surprisingly low-cost.
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