Best 5 Thanksgiving Stuffings

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Sourdough Bread Stuffing

Second perhaps only to the centerpiece turkey on Thanksgiving, stuffings and dressings are some of the most-craved and comforting dishes on your Turkey Day table. Whether you stuff your bird or not, these bread-based casseroles are both simple to prepare and versatile enough that you can suit them to your family's tastes and whatever ingredients you have on hand. If you're cooking for a few vegetarians this year, a naturally meatless stuffing will surely please them and your meat-eating guests alike. And if you happen to find yourself with a few extra carrots or celery stalks, put them to good use in a stuffing, as vegetables of all kinds work well with nearly all types of bread bakes. Check out Food Network's top-five stuffings below to find celebration-worthy recipes that you'll want to add to your Thanksgiving menu.

5. Homemade Three-Meat Stuffing — Packed with chopped hard-boiled eggs, bell peppers and olives, this pork-, beef- and sausage-based stuffing boasts more meat than it does white bread and will feed up to a whopping 14 people.

4. Holiday Cornbread Stuffing — Follow the Neelys' lead and take advantage of a deliciously simple shortcut: store-bought cornbread stuffing mix. Pat and Gina combine this ready-to-go good with crispy bacon and crunchy pecans for texture, plus fresh vegetables and herbs to round out the dish.

3. Cornbread Dressing with Pancetta, Apples and Mushrooms — The secret to The Pioneer Woman's simple-to-make recipe is the trio of breads she uses in this sweet and savory casserole. To homemade buttermilk-laced cornbread she adds both artisan and French breads, then mixes them with sweetened pancetta, tender mushrooms, and a combination of chicken broth and white wine.

2. Brown Bread Stuffing with Fruit — After sauteing garlic, celery and onions with fresh herbs, add dried cherries and apples, as well as chopped pecans, then pour over whole-wheat bread; moisten the mixture with apple juice for a fuss-free stuffing.

1. Sourdough Bread Stuffing — Toasted sourdough bread cubes soak up the rich flavors of buttery sauteed mushrooms, fresh vegetables and fragrant herbs before being baked until moist and warm. Click the play button on the video below to watch how it's made.

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Dave's Sourdough Bread Stuffing will put smiles on the faces at your table.

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