Best 5 Biscuit Recipes

Southern Biscuits

A bakset of Southern Biscuits is served.

Whether you're a true Southern sweetheart who enjoys biscuits every Sunday morning or you only encounter biscuits atop the occasional pot pie, there's no denying that these buttery, flaky beauties are a comfort food classic that can shine in meals anytime of the day. The secret to baking up light, moist biscuits is not overworking the dough. When you're incorporating ingredients, take care to mix them only until they're combined; any more than that and they run the risk of being too tough. Check out Food Network's top-five biscuit recipes below to find crave-worthy bites from some of your favorite Food Network chefs, like Giada, Trisha, The Pioneer Woman and Alton .

5.  Nonna's Lemon-Ricotta Biscuits — Featuring a few drops of almond extract, plus creamy ricotta cheese and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, Giada's quick-fix biscuits are topped with sliced almonds for subtle crunch and can be served either warm or at room temperature.

4.  Daddy's Biscuits — Trisha's 30-minute biscuits are made with only a handful of ingredients and can turn out as soft or crisp as you like depending on how close together or far apart you bake them.

3.  Almost-Famous Cheddar Biscuits — Just like the buttery biscuits you order at your favorite lobster shack, these easy-to-make baked goods are laced with yellow cheddar cheese and topped with garlicky butter.

2.  Drop Biscuits — The beauty of The Pioneer Woman's one-bowl recipe is that the biscuits come together quickly in a food processor and, perhaps best of all, there's no dough rolling required; just drop spoonfuls on a tray and let them bake until they're golden brown. For an added indulgence, brush each biscuit with melted butter before serving.

1.  Southern Biscuits — Alton uses a combination of butter and shortening to prepare his top-rated biscuits so they're guaranteed to be full of rich flavor as well as light, flaky layers. Click the play button on the video below to watch Alton make them.

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Alton's Southern Biscuits
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