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Steve Giralt

When it comes to comfort food, big bowls of mac and cheese, beef stew and lasagna are bound to come to mind. Now that it's March, your idea of comfort could use a little update. This week, we're thinking pizza — and not as a delivery backup plan. Whether you use store-bought dough or make your own, slice into cheesy homemade pizzas baked in your very own oven.

Before we completely ditch tried-and-true comfort food favorites, check out two mash-ups with a fun pizza spin. Instead of piling it all on crust, Creamy Pizza Macaroni and Cheese loads marinara sauce and heaps of cheese over classic elbow macaroni. You may call it a pizza "pie," but Giada's Pizza Pot Pies takes it to a whole new level, combining marinara, chicken and mozzarella under a pizza dough crust.

Start the day with Ree's Breakfast Pizza (pictured above). A wake-up call of freshly cracked eggs, hash browns and crispy bacon are even better with a golden pizza crust.

What's more comforting than a piping-hot cheese pizza? The key to Alton's Pizza Pizzas lies in his made-from-scratch crust. From there, store-bought sauce and grated cheeses reach bubbly perfection in the oven.

Comforting Homemade Pizza Recipes


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Believe it or not, taco night doesn't need to be restricted to tacos. Next time, layer zesty ingredients like black beans, spicy jalapenos, cilantro, salsa and more for an easy Taco Pizza by Food Network Magazine.

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Marshall Troy, 2012, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

Pizza on its own is all about functionality. Jeff's Pepperoni Pizza Pocket folds all the cheesy, saucy and meaty goodness of your favorite slice into a hand-held dinner treat.

You might not think of a salad as "comforting," but this restaurant starter staple sure is a go-to. Bring it onto Caesar Salad Pizza for a slice that's fresh, crunchy and surprising.

If you're just looking for a taste of the pizzeria without the whole pie, Whole-Grain Garlic Knots are filled with herbs and totally addictive.

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