New Spins on a Pantry Staple: 5 Uses for Soy Sauce

While you may reach for soy sauce only when making — or opening up the delivery containers of — Asian-inspired dishes, this deliciously salty condiment can also be a shining ingredient in other kinds of plates, as The Kitchen co-hosts explained on this morning's all-new episode. Read on below to get the cast's top recipes for soy sauce-based greens, salad, pulled pork and more.

The sweetness of the orange soda is balanced by the savory soy sauce and the subtle heat of crushed red pepper in Jeff Mauro's  Soy-Da Glazed Pulled Pork (pictured above). He waits until the bone-in pork shoulder has been roasting for a few hours before adding the glaze (so the sugars don't burn in the oven).

The star of Geoffrey Zakarian's  Endive and Blue Cheese Salad with Soy-Sherry Vinaigrette (pictured above) is his simple-to-make dressing, featuring tangy mustard and sweet shallots. He notes in the recipe that "the salt from the soy will be enough to season the vinaigrette," so it's best to leave out additional salt when mixing up this flavoring combination.

With just a handful of ingredients, Marcela Valladolid makes Chiles Toreados: Fried Chilies with Lime-Soy Sauce (pictured above), which are best eaten chilled. These crispy yellow chiles are tossed in a bold mixture of lime juice, soy sauce and oyster sauce straight out of the oil.

To give greens an extra punch of flavor, Katie Lee gently cooks them with soy sauce and apple cider vinegar in her big-batch recipe for  Soy-Simmered Collard Greens.

Sunny's Sweet and Sour Soy Syrup is a next-level addition to everyday fruit. Once the mixture has thickened, she lets it cool before adding the zesty lime juice.

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