Trick or Treat! Your Guide to Being the Most-Popular House on the Block — Fall Fest

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Spooky Chocolate Bark

Photo by: Jackie Alpers ©Copyright 2012 Jackie Alpers - All rights reserved

Jackie Alpers, Copyright 2012 Jackie Alpers - All rights reserved

What's the trick to being the go-to trick-or-treating destination on the block? Homemade treats, that's what. Instead of stocking up on heavy bags of individually wrapped candy this  Halloween, answer the doorbell ring with sweet and spooky do-it-yourself treats that will be the talk of the neighborhood. Wrap these homemade candies in plastic sandwich bags or wrap, or get creative — and be sure to save some for your own house.

  • Though they might not do so well in their trick-or-treat bags or pillowcases, hand all of the cheery trick-or-treaters who show up on your stoop Caramel, Chocolate and Candy Apples. With an easy-to-hold handle, the kids can munch on these Halloween staples on the spot.
  • Talk of creepy crawling spiders is typically a sure way to set the neighborhood into a panic, but your neighbors will surely rave over these edible, three-ingredient Spider Bites. They're made with pretzel rods, melted chocolate and peanut butter.
  • If you're a true candy corn fanatic, you've probably been downing the stuff by the handful since the first of October. Take matters into your own hands this year with Alton Brown's recipe for DIY Candy Corn and you'll be able to skip the store-bought variety from now on.
  • Food Network Kitchen's marshmallow-based Caramel Puffs have everything you love about Halloween candy in one bite. Gooey, chocolatey, crunchy and a bit salty, these bite-size treats hinge on sticky homemade caramel.
  • Giada recreates the refreshingly minty candy that we can't just wait to unwrap with her recipe for Halloween Peppermint Patties. These chocolate-covered homemade candies have a novel orange and black look but the same cool aftertaste as the original.
  • Loaded up with roasted peanuts, nougat, caramel and chocolate just like the original, this DIY Baby Ruth Candy Bar is a candy bar of epic proportions. It might just become a year-round thing.

For more ways to go big this Halloween, head over Food Network's Halloween headquarters.

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