Turkey Meatloaf — The Weekender

By: Marisa McClellan

I am of the firm belief that one of the best things you can do for yourself is spend an extra hour or two in the kitchen over the weekend. You can use that time cooking up a meal to have on hand for a busy weeknight, or stir together a treat to make your family feel a little extra special.

Sometimes, that weekend kitchen time isn’t even about cooking. Often, it’s simply a moment to clear out the fridge of anything past its prime and sketch out a plan for how to best use what remains.

And that’s what The  Weekender is about: doing yourself the kindness of investing a little bit of your weekend in the kitchen with an eye on the coming week. There will be tasty dishes, tricks for getting your kitchen in order and little things you can do to make meals during the workweek as painless as possible.

This weekend, consider the humble meatloaf. It’s a great make-ahead meal, because it reheats beautifully (consider making two and stashing one in the freezer), works just as well in a sandwich as on a dinner plate and, for picky eaters, goes down easy with a generous dollop of ketchup.

Right now, I'm partial to Trisha Yearwood’s Turkey Meatloaf. The thing that makes it particularly magical is the fact that she has you slice up an onion and scatter the half moons over the top of the loaf. They caramelize while the meatloaf bakes and make it seem special.

Truly, it’s a winner of a main dish, and the side options are endless. Try it with roasted winter squash and a green salad from a bag, or mashed potatoes and quickly steamed green beans. Heck, even lightly buttered frozen peas (gently warmed, of course) and a whole-grain roll would go with it perfectly.

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