Frittata — The Weekender

A veggie-packed frittata is a good dish to keep in your back pocket for the holidays and all year round.
By: Marisa McClellan

My family has a tradition of gathering for five or six days around the holidays. We all pile into the host's house (most often my parents, but this year we're at my sister's), and spend the time eating, playing music and enjoying a break from regular life.

We are all fans of having a late, lazy breakfast (these days, it serves as lunch for my preschooler nephew). One morning, my dad will make waffles. Another day, my mom will make a giant pot of steel-cut oats with lots of toppings. I am always in charge of eggs (either scrambled or fried). And my sister is the queen of the frittata.

She has made so many frittatas over the years that a recipe isn't required. However, if you're new to the frittata scene, a good starting place is this one from Ree Drummond. It's a brilliant way to use up vegetables left over from the previous night, and it tastes good whether served hot or at room temperature.

Ree's recipe calls for mushrooms, asparagus, onions, roasted red peppers and a leftover baked potato. These are all worthy ingredients, but you could also use kale (the most-popular green!), leeks, Brussels sprouts and even sweet potatoes.

Remember the frittata outside the holiday season as well, as it is a great potluck dish and people are always happy to see such things at brunches. As you plan out your weekend cooking, definitely keep the frittata in your Weekender files!