All-Star Academy: The Competition Continues in Food Network Kitchen

We decided to try last week's savory marshmallow challenge from All-Star Academy in our own test kitchen. Here are the results.

If you’re like some of us in Food Network Kitchen, then competition shows make your heart race right along with the contestants! That was the case this past Sunday, during the third episode of All-Star Academy, when Alex Guarnaschelli's and Bobby Flay’s teams went head-to-head in a sweet-turns-savory cook-off. Who else wanted to hide behind a couch cushion when Ted Allen revealed the elimination challenge was cooking with marshmallows in a savory dish?

We think that all of the contestants did well. So, energized (and only slightly afraid), we decided to try the same challenge in our own test kitchen. After a quick brainstorming session, we headed into the kitchen with all the fixings to make Thai-inspired crispy rice treats (the idea came from the traditional dish mee krob, which is crispy rice noodles tossed in a sweet and sour sauce).

The combination of crispy rice cereal, toasted marshmallows, fish sauce, lime juice, cilantro, Thai basil, scallion and chile pepper turned out to be insanely addictive with just the right balance of sweet, sour and funk. We topped the treats off with shrimp and bean sprouts and declared ourselves winners!

Use our visual recipe guide to make them yourself, or tell us what you would have created. Plus, here's our easy method for perfectly toasting a whole bunch of marshmallows at once.

Tune in for the next episode of All-Star Academy this Sunday at 9|8c.

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