Go Fry an Egg — All-Star Academy: The Competition Continues

The chefs of Food Network Kitchen teach you how to cook the perfect fried egg worthy of All-Star Academy.

©2015 Food Network

2015 Food Network

Our knees were knocking during the latest episode of All-Star Academy when the remaining contestants served up their alphabet-themed dishes — there needed to be four ingredients beginning with the letters S, T, A and Y in each dish — to judge and restaurateur Donatella Arpaia. We were sad to see Angela, one of Bobby Flay's mentees, go after she was docked major points for a messy fried egg (Y was for "yolk" in her dish). Even if you have all the time in the world, the simplest of dishes takes practice and technique. Follow Food Network Kitchen's step-by-step how-to for the perfect fried, sunny-side-up egg.

For the perfect, speedy, sunny-side-up egg, you'll need an egg (or two), a nonstick pan, a bowl and some oil.

©2015 Food Network

2015 Food Network

Step 1: Heat your nonstick pan over medium-high heat (not super-hot), add a good bit of oil, and slide your egg in. (Crack your egg into a bowl first, then slide it into the pan from there, so that you don't get bits of shell in the pan.)

©2015 Food Network

2015 Food Network

Step 2: Once the white firms up a bit, use a tablespoon to spoon hot oil from the pan over the white so it firms up faster. Spoon the oil away from you to minimize splash-back.

©2015 Food Network

2015 Food Network

Step 3: This goes quickly. If you've done it right, you should have a crispy, lacy edge, a perfectly set white and a still-runny yolk.

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2015 Food Network

Step 4: Salt and pepper go on at the very end.

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2015 Food Network

Step 5: Dig in!

Don't forget to watch the competition heat up on Sunday at 9|8c.

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