6 Recipes That Prove You Should Be Eating More French Toast


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Andrew Purcell

Forget about the soggy, egg-logged pieces of French toast you may be used to, because with the help of these best-ever breakfast recipes, you can turn out a hearty morning meal that’s crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. In terms of flavor in your French toast, that largely comes from the custard in which the bread soaks.

While a sweetened vanilla mixture is perhaps the most classic, you can dress up the original to include fresh citrus, like Ina Garten does, or add melted chocolate for next-level richness, as is the case in Melissa d’Arabian’s recipe. Read on below for these how-tos, plus more creative French toast picks.

It’s all about the crispy crust in this quick-fix breakfast from Food Network Magazine. The crushed-cereal blanket sticks to the bread, which has already been dunked in an egg mixture, and promises over-the-top texture to offset the tender bananas.

Consider this your ultimate French toast workhouse recipe. Ready to eat in a hurry, Ina’s big-batch breakfast is made with thick-cut challah bread and becomes rich and moist thanks to a soak in a citrus-laced vanilla custard. When it comes to toppings, stick with classic maple syrup, or opt for raspberry preserves and a dusting of sugar — or pile on all three fixings for a decadent finish.

French Toast Stuffed with Bacon, Onion Tomato Jam with Gruyere and a Fried Egg for Anne Burrell's Cookbook, "Own Your Kitchen" 2013

French Toast Stuffed with Bacon, Onion Tomato Jam with Gruyere and a Fried Egg

French Toast Stuffed with Bacon, Onion Tomato Jam with Gruyere and a Fried Egg for Anne Burrell's Cookbook, "Own Your Kitchen" 2013

Photo by: Quentin Bacon ©Quentin Bacon

Quentin Bacon, Quentin Bacon

Who says French toast has to be sweet? Anne Burrell adds a savory element to this hearty breakfast in the form of a concentrated tomato jam filling, while a fried egg on top rounds out the dish to create a complete meal.

Photo by: Armando Rafael

Armando Rafael

The beauty of The Pioneer Woman’s easy-to-make breakfast casserole is that you can assemble the majority of the dish before you go to bed, then simply wake up to a ready-to-bake treat.

Instead of breaking out the griddle to prepare traditional French toast, let your waffle maker do the work for you. The toast turns out golden brown and slightly crispy after just a few minutes in the machine.

Melissa’s French toast recipe is truly French, as pain perdu is a staple plate in France. To achieve indulgent chocolate flavor, she soaks the bread in a buttery chocolate cream, then bakes the toast right in the custard for the best flavor.

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