Competition-Inspired Cooking with Your Kids — Double Potato Hot Dog Sliders

Get inspired by Rachael Ray's Kids Cook-Off to make these Double Potato Hot Dog Sliders at home.

©food network 2015

food network 2015

This episode of Rachael Ray's Kids Cook-Off was amazing. YouTube’s popular food critic Daym Drops (Daymon Patterson) was a guest mentor and judge, and we also saw some really innovative dishes from the kids. Our favorite moment was when Christopher kept his cool during the waffle disaster in the elimination challenge. He had started out making a waffle-and-fried-chicken sandwich, but his batter was too thin and leaked like crazy out of the waffle iron. So in a moment of genius, he dipped slices of bread into the waffle batter and made a French toast fried chicken sandwich instead! He even won the challenge and received the highest honor of a Daym Drops' "5 All Day."

Some of our favorite moments from the immunity challenge:

- Juliana didn’t make enough caramelized onions for her French onion hot dogs, so she made hot dog sliders instead.

- Olivia made a seven-in-one sauce to drizzle on her dog that tasted just like potato salad.

- Nicholas topped his Brazilian street food dog with potato chips.

Inspired by these three clever franks, we made our own Double-Potato Hot Dog Sliders. Here's how to make them:

©food network 2015

food network 2015

Prepare your hot dogs and buns the way you always do. Quarter hot dog and bun, and make 4 tiny hot dogs. Top each hot dog slider with a little potato salad, then push a wavy potato chip and a dill pickle chip into each side of each slider. Add a squeeze of yellow mustard. Enjoy!

What will the kids cook next? Find out Monday at 8|7c.

Photos courtesy of Heather Ramsdell
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