Overnight Blueberry Buns — Bake-Ahead Batches

What’s better than enjoying a warm, buttery sweet bun fresh from the oven? Eating a warm bun while still in your pajamas. In order to have that luxury you might think you need to start baking at 4 a.m., but that’s not true at all. These overnight blueberry babies look complicated, but they take only about 20 minutes of active work to put together, and they’re perfect for breakfast.

You start by making a simple enriched dough. With a stand mixer, the whole process takes about 10 minutes. Without one, you’ll have to do the kneading by hand, but this pillowy dough is easy to work with. The first rise should take about an hour. Then all you have to do is shape the dough and pop it in your fridge.

The rolls rest overnight; this makes the recipe simpler and develops delicious yeasty flavor in the dough. The buns actually get tastier in the fridge while you sleep.

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The dough must double one more time. After a long chill this process can take a couple of hours, but this is easy to work around. I like to set my alarm for three hours before breakfast. When the buzzer sounds I hop over to the kitchen, pull the buns out of the fridge and then immediately get back into bed. I try not to even open my eyes completely.

After two hours, I get out of bed, preheat the oven and start reading the paper. In the 15 minutes the oven takes to preheat, I start to get hungry. Next, I put on the coffee and throw the buns in the oven. Twenty minutes later I’ve got hot buns and hot coffee. The whole process is so simple that you could have fresh buns any day of the week.

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