The Ultimate Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Roundup

A gluten-free feast is a lot more fun than you might think — Food Network has pumpkin pie, green bean casserole, killer side dishes and more in this ultimate Thanksgiving roundup.
Gluten-Free Thanksgiving

World's Simplest Thanksgiving Turkey

Photo by: Tara Donne

Tara Donne

With as many as one in three people avoiding gluten these days, it’s more than likely that one of them will end up at your Thanksgiving table. Luckily, this special diet is relatively easy to accommodate. Lots of classic turkey-day dishes are naturally gluten-free, while many more are easily made to fill the bill with just a few simple modifications that remove the gluten without sacrificing character or flavor — now, that’s something everyone can be thankful for!

Good Eats Turkey

Let’s start with the naturally gluten-free fare. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye that for some people causes allergic reactions and gastrointestinal distress. Gluten is not found in meat or poultry; therefore turkey, such as this 5-star classic from Good Eats or Ina Garten’s showpiece classic bird, contains no gluten as long as any accompanying bread-based stuffing is prepared outside the bird.

Gluten-Free Green Bean Casserole

With the main course covered, let’s move on to that most-important part of the Thanksgiving meal — side dishes! The good news is that many vegetable dishes are gluten-free as long as they don’t contain flour, breadcrumbs, crackers or other items that contain wheat. However, beware of some not-so-obvious ingredients that do contain gluten, such as soy sauce, beer, prepared salad dressings, some broths and bouillon cubes, self-basting turkeys and — sorry, green-bean casserole lovers — packaged french-fried onions. For a roundup of our best gluten-free Thanksgiving sides, including an updated  green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, roasted squash and more, check out this gallery.

Classic Gluten-Free Stuffing

CLASSIC GLUTENFREE STUFFING Food Network Glutenfree Bread, Turkey or Chicken Stock, Eggs, Olive Oil, Unsalted Butter, Celery, Onion, Rosemary, Sage, Thyme, Pepper, Salt, Gravy

Photo by: Matt Armendariz ©2014, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved

Matt Armendariz, 2014, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved

But there’s no way around it — a few Thanksgiving-meal superstars are definitely giant wheat-filled gluten fests — and can you imagine hosting a feast without stuffing, gravy, or pie? Not a chance! Luckily, a few adjustments will cut out the gluten and your guests will be none the wiser. For stuffing, use gluten-free bread in this classic recipe.

Gluten-Free Cornbread

Photo by: Stephen Johnson ©2014, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

Stephen Johnson, 2014, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

Similarly, you may substitute homemade, flour-free cornbread in your favorite cornbread stuffing recipe. We can pretty much guarantee that no one will notice.

Gluten-Free Gravy


Photo by: Levi Brown

Levi Brown

Gravy seems like it might prove a little trickier, as most gravies are thickened with tried-and-true wheat flour. But as our Food Network stars and experts from Food Network Kitchen can attest, there are many easy ways to achieve flour-free thickening, including arrowroot or cornstarch, pureed vegetables or rice — or a spoonful of mashed potatoes (genius!).

Gluten-Free Pecan Pie

Now on to the finale. It’s smart hosting to have at least one gluten-free treat on your dessert buffet this holiday. But pies and cakes contain flour, and that’s all there is to it, right? Wrong! Try substituting our gluten-free pastry dough in your favorite pecan or pumpkin pie recipe. For cakes, try a purchased gluten-free flour blend or make your own. Here’s a sampling of our favorite gluten-free dessert recipes.

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