The New Orange and Black

You don’t have to bake ghoulish cupcakes or serve garlicky anti-vampire snacks to throw a good Halloween bash.
chocolate doughnut holes


Photo by: Kate Mathis

Kate Mathis

You don’t have to bake ghoulish cupcakes or serve garlicky anti-vampire snacks to throw a good Halloween bash. Instead of going the spooky route, serve a beautiful dessert dressed in the official holiday colors: orange and black. These Food Network Magazine recipes are classy enough for a cocktail party but sweet enough for any little monsters in your life.

A platter full of doughnut holes is much more tempting than a bowl filled with candy. This recipe yields about five dozen chocolate-glazed bites, which is especially great if you’re planning on a full (haunted) house on the 31st.

black-and-orange cookies


Photo by: Kate Mathis

Kate Mathis

These two-toned treats are a sure hit with fans of the classic black-and-white cookie. Even if you’re not familiar with the beloved New York bakery item, it’s hard not to love the cake-like confection split with chocolate and vanilla icing.

candy apples


Photo by: Kate Mathis

Kate Mathis

Forgo the apple bobbing and set out shiny candy apples. Noshing on the candied treat from a festive lollipop stick is far more fun and satisfying.

chocolate carrot cake


Photo by: Kate Mathis

Kate Mathis

Chocolate lovers, rejoice. Food Network Magazine made over carrot cake with a fudgy chocolate frosting and draped in a bright orange marshmallow web.

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