How to Prepare Your Stomach for Thanksgiving Greatness

If your goal is to make it to the pumpkin pie without losing your cool, start the day with a sensible eating plan so you don’t reach capacity before the feast even begins.
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Thanksgiving comes along but once a year, so you’d better make the most of this great American holiday that hinges on eating all that is good. If your goal is to make it to the pumpkin pie without losing your cool, start the day with a sensible eating plan so you don’t reach capacity before the feast even begins.

Wake Up and Eat

Instead of fasting the day away in anticipation of the big meal, be sure to eat in the morning as you're preparing for the festivities. Though resisting food might sound like a good way to free yourself up for more of the good stuff later, you'll be more ravenous at the actual meal and won't be able to take it all in. Go for something light, like the Carb-Buster Breakfast with Hollandaise, featuring vegetables, poached eggs and a creamy sauce.

Skip Drinking Beer, Soda and Champagne

Though these frothy, bubbly drinks will perk up your spirits on Thanksgiving Day, they'll also do your stomach in before the main event, due to all the ever-expanding gas bubbles. Instead, choose a drink that's not so fizzy, like Rachael's spicy Ginger Snap cocktail.

As Always, Snack Smart

Though melty baked Brie, deviled eggs and other special appetizers are indulgences worthy of this special holiday, consider grazing on appetizers that won't knock the appetite out of you and your guests. Prioritize the main event by selecting appetizers that are light and invigorating, like these three-ingredient salmon and endive spears.

Don't Go Crazy with the Carbs

A quality breadbasket is a must on any Thanksgiving table. Though the aromas of  Cast-Iron Skillet Cornbread slathered in butter and freshly baked Parker House Rolls can woo you into submission, remember that too much bread will expand in your stomach and completely ruin your appetite.

By exercising a little restraint beforehand, you'll be better able to  enjoy your Thanksgiving feast and all the turkey, sides and amazingness that are part of it.

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