Tater Tots Like You've Never Seen Them Before


Photo by: Mark Weinberg

Mark Weinberg

You never really outgrow Tater Tots. The fried shredded potato balls are french fries’ crispier, fluffier cousins, and they’re hard not to love. So the next time you pass them in the freezer aisle, treat yourself.

Grab a bag and turn the crunchy potato snack into some serious party grub with these reimagined recipes from Food Network Magazine and Food Network Kitchens.

Top fried shredded potatoes with bacon, cheddar and a drizzle of spicy Sriracha mayonnaise and friends and family will hardly need any convincing. Make this dish for game day or serve it for dinner — you can’t go wrong.


Photo by: Mark Weinberg

Mark Weinberg

This baked egg dish filled with crispy potato bites makes great brunch fare, especially with smoky chorizo and Monterey Jack cheese in the mix. It’s reminiscent of a Spanish tortilla or a potato-filled frittata — but more fun.


Photo by: Mark Weinberg

Mark Weinberg

Mashed Tater Tots are the perfect risotto substitute in these mozzarella-filled arancini. And unlike the classic Italian version, these come together in a half-hour.


Photo by: Mark Weinberg

Mark Weinberg

Tater Tots and spicy honey up the ante for chicken and waffles. Bonus: These might be the easiest waffles you’ll ever make.

Photo by: Petrina Tinslay ©Owned

Petrina Tinslay, Owned

The next time you’re craving chicken pot pie, make this chicken casserole instead. Then think about what other casseroles you can top with these crunchy Tater Tot crumbles.

Swapping in premade tots for mashed potatoes in shepherd’s pie saves you time in the kitchen. The crispy topping also provides a nice textural contrast to the beef filling.

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