Meet the Macaroni and Cheese Made with 10 (Yes, Really) Cheeses

Believe it or not, Sunny's decadent recipe is both simple to make and easy on the wallet.

Most mac and cheeses are made with one or two, maybe three, cheeses, and sure, they turn out plenty gooey and creamy. But what happens when you more than triple that melty, buttery goodness and stir in a whopping 10 kinds of cheeses? Richness and decadence of the best sort, of course. On this morning's cheese-focused episode of The Kitchen, Sunny Anderson, the unofficial queen of all things mac and cheese, debuted this showstopper, with wowing results. And perhaps best of all, it's both easy to make and shockingly easy on your wallet. Here's how.

The secret to Sunny's recipe (pictured above) is the cheese blend. So instead of buying 10 cheeses individually, she picks up premixed packages of Italian and Mexican cheese blends, which feature five and four cheese varieties, respectively; think melty mozzarella and nutty Parmesan, and Monterey Jack and Manchego, which combine to create bold flavor. She adds all nine cheeses to a smooth, tangy base of cream cheese — the 10th cheese — laced with Worcestershire sauce to create a silky sauce that's just waiting to be tossed with pasta. Though Sunny opts to blanket the pasta with fried onions and bake it in a casserole, she notes that you can dig into the mixture straight from the stove if you'd prefer. "Just serve it after stirring in the scallions, pasta and cheese sauce," she says.

Ready to make this next-level comfort food at home? Check out the recipe below.

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