5 Jelly Shots You May Not Be Ready For



If you retired jelly shots from your drink rotation the day you received your bachelor’s degree, you’re not alone. Yet, recently, the jiggly spiked concoctions have been getting the gourmet treatment from restaurant greats across the country.

This renaissance of sweet, chewable booze has got us reconsidering the humble jelly shot as a key component to any good summer party. They don’t have to include neon, radioactive-looking colors either. With that in mind, here are five stunning jelly shots that we’re willing to bet are nothing like the ones you consumed back in the day.

Pina Colada Shots

Spike a batch of pineapple gelatin with a generous dose of your favorite spiced rum, then whisk in some coconut milk for a element of creaminess. Once set, the milk solids will rise to the top and you’ll be able to cut out the individual “shots” using — you guessed it — a pineapple-shaped cookie cutter.

MINT JULEP JELLY SHOTS Food Network Kitchen Food Network Unflavored Gelatin, Mint Leaves, Sugar, Bourbon, Heavy Cream, Confectioners’ Sugar, MintFlavored Liqueur

Photo by: Matt Armendariz ©Copyright 2015

Matt Armendariz, Copyright 2015

MINT JULEP JELLY SHOTS Food Network Kitchen Food Network Unflavored Gelatin, Mint Leaves, Sugar, Bourbon, Heavy Cream, Confectioners’ Sugar, MintFlavored Liqueur

Mint Julep Jelly Shots

The unofficial cocktail of the South gets pared down for size in Food Network Kitchen’s casual take on a classic mint julep. All of the essential flavors are here: mint, sugar and bourbon. Save your good silver cocktail cups for a formal occasion and stock up on disposable plastic shot cups in preparation for your next summer party.



Champagne and Strawberry Shots

Strawberries have long been a sweet vessel for our favorite flavors. If you can dip them in chocolate, why not fill them with champagne? Core out the insides, and fill them up with semi-set ginger ale gelatin that’s been spiked with your favorite bubbly. Just be careful not to perforate the berries when using your huller!



Pink Lemonade Shots

Made with pink lemonade, cherry soda and couple of shots of vodka, these summery slices are sure to quench your thirst … or at least give you a little buzz. After you’ve halved your lemons and scraped out the pulp and pith, place the rinds into a muffin tin for stability while filling them up with gelatin.



Blood Orange Margarita Shots

The same basic method applies here, but with orange rind instead of lemon rind. Orange’s sweeter quality pairs well with tart blood orange in the form of sparkling soda. Combine the soda with unflavored gelatin, Triple Sec and silver tequila for a potent treat that bridges the gap between dessert and drinks.

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