10 Special Summer Breakfasts to Make Your Kids' Day

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Photo by: Marshall Troy ©2012, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

Marshall Troy, 2012, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

Summertime means two things at my house: constantly slathering four little bodies in numbers of SPF so high they didn’t exist when I was a kid; and a slower, more forgiving morning routine. With no lunches to pack, no folders to tuck into backpacks and no need to cook breakfast at breakneck speed, we have a little more time to indulge. These are some of my favorite ways to set the pace for a sunny day ahead.

Even though the whole thing takes only five minutes from start to finish, it still feels like lots of work for busy school days. That’s what makes this top-rated dish ideal for a slower summer morning.

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Warning: Once you start making these, your kids will begin a new routine that goes like this: “Please? Please, will you make the Dutch baby again? Please?”

Sure, the little guys have probably had French toast before. But have they had challah bread French toast? This sweet and airy bread changes the whole dish, making it worthy of any summertime bucket list.

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And while we’re at it, why cook eggs on the stove when you can bake those too? Use a muffin tin or a specialty pan like I did for an extra-special touch.

This is not your standard pour-from-a-box pancake experience. Trisha’s mouthwatering recipe includes sour cream, lemon zest and an entire stick of melted butter. Based on that and the five-star rating, you definitely can’t go wrong.

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We know everybody loves pancakes (hello, Trisha’s recipe right above), but when holding a spatula over that hot pan just sounds like too much, turn on the oven instead. I love this giant baked pancake, an easy breakfast to put together with just enough fresh peach slices to make the whole thing sing.

Burritos are another surprisingly simple breakfast that just feels more doable on a sunny summer morning. These are brimming with freshly cooked eggs and always hit the spot.

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We’ve been aiming to make a fresher version of the store-bought bars, and this is hands-down the best recipe we’ve tried so far.

Have your kids tried scones yet? The kind that melt in your mouth and could only be made even more delicious with a drizzle of glaze on top? This is the only recipe you need to start a summer tradition they’ll remember forever.

Break out that muffin tin again, and this time start by adding layers of bread, ham and cheese. Crack goes one egg into each cup. Then it’s into the oven for less time than it takes your munchkins to get dressed for the day.

Charity Curley Mathews is a mom of four small kids who love a big summer breakfast almost as much as an episode of Backyardigans. She’s the founder of Foodlets.com, where she posts the tried-and-true recipes, tips and techniques she’s learned about raising a brood who eat real food. Pretty happily. Most of the time.

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