Chopped Junior-Inspired Lunchboxes: Watermelon Sandwiches



Photo by: Vitalina Rybakova ©Vitalina Rybakova

Vitalina Rybakova, Vitalina Rybakova

Summer has officially arrived on the Chopped Junior set. In the latest episode, contestants unpacked their summer-themed baskets filled with fresh eggplant, watermelon gelatin and beach-ball cake pops. The challenge, as always, was how to make something tasty out of so many incongruent items.

Inspired by the young contestants’ use of watermelon gelatin in their main courses, we decided to make a savory portable sandwich using fresh summer watermelon.

Instead of using bread, we cut the watermelon into 1/4-inch-thick planks and used a cookie cutter to shape them into stars. Between the “bread” slices we spread a generous layer of goat cheese, seasoned with salt and pepper. We finished our sweet, savory and summer-inspired sandwiches with crushed pine nuts for a crunchy bite, and wrapped them up in wax paper for packing in our lunchboxes.

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