18 Best Store-Bought Road-Trip Snacks

The sweet and salty snacks are ideal for long car rides.

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May 04, 2023

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The key to surviving a family road trip: snacks, snacks and more snacks. Keeping kids (and parents) from getting cranky during a long car ride means good tunes and even better food. These 18 store-bought snacks will keep those highway hunger pains at bay and may just ensure more soaking in the sights and less whining "Are we there yet?"


Grab a smaller cooler and a bag of these perfectly portioned cheese rectangles for the perfect snack to feed the whole family. Throw a slice on a cracker or eat as is. Each slice has 5 grams of protein, so it’ll keep that sugar crash at bay.

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Beef jerky is the quintessential road trip food but what you grab at the gas station is usually loaded with nitrates and other yucky stuff. Baja’s beef jerky is all the goodness without the gross. This gluten free, low calorie jerky is packed with flavor think street taco and cracked pepper, so it satisfies any passenger. Plus, the bags are resealable which makes it a great snack for hour one or hour five of the trip.

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Sometimes you just need a little crunch, even if its messy. These Clif Bar thins are the perfect snack if you are stopping for a quick hike or tourist destination as they’ll give you quick energy for that hour stretch-your-legs break. Plus, they are made with good for you ingredients so you won’t feel guilty crunching into these biscotti like cookies.

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If your road trip memories consist of the giant jar of cheese balls passed around in the back, this less artificial version is for you. These white cheddar cheese ball make less of a mess than their neon orange counterparts (although Pipcorn does make them if you want to keep the memory alive!) but they are made without the artificial flavors and preservatives, plus they are baked, not fried. We have a feeling you may want to keep a few bags in the car they’ll go fast!

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Not everything on a road trip has to be good for you for many people it’s a time to treat yourself. This Classic mix takes all of your favorite M&Ms peanut, plain and peanut butter and mixes them into one bag. The resealable bag makes it perfect for handing out a few at a time and putting away the rest for later.

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This fruit jerky is reminiscent of the fruit leathers and fruit rolls but made with real fruit. The variety pack has flavors that will appease the most sophisticated adult palate and the pickiest kid. Mango, Spicy Mango, Pineapple, Pineapple Coconut, Spicy Pineapple, Banana, Banana Cacao, and Banana with Pecans there is a choice for everyone in the car. Plus, they take up minimal room so it’s easy to pack them in the car.

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Nuts are always a good take-on-the road snack. These individually packaged, already shelled pistachios make it easy to munch without the mess. Choose from plain, honey roasted, or chili dusted for something that suits every palate and keeps energy up for the next adventure.

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Did someone say cookie dough? We bet you’ll get your kids to agree on a podcast with a little bribe of mini jars of cookie dough. Choose from dairy-free or regular varieties like cookie monster, confetti or classic chocolate chip. They are tiny enough to put in a small cooler and the perfect road trip dessert.

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Nothing says a road trip like a good trail mix. Trade in the overly salted classic mixes for something with a little more flavor and a few more better-for-you ingredients. There’s a flavor profile for everyone from Smoke Show a BBQ flavored mix to Slow Your Roll, a maple flavored mix with coconut, cranberries, and of course a ton of nuts (but all the mixes are peanut free). You’ll get your dose of Omega-3s and protein without any refined sugars or artificial ingredients.

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Sometimes you want to nibble on a little bit of everything for the drive: a little salty, a little sweet, a little savory. This portable charcuterie packs the protein with no hormone-added genoa salami, chunks of cheddar cheese, a handful of roasted almonds and chocolate chunks.

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This snack is bound to make everyone in the car happy from little kids to those that follow a gluten-free or paleo diet. Made with watermelon seed flour and coconut sugar, the result is a honey cinnamon graham flavor reminiscent of a bear shaped snack.

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Think twice before grabbing the king-sized candy bar at the gas station. Instead, travel with a bag of these dark chocolate coconut bars that are just as satisfying and come in fun-size portions to last your whole ride.

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These may appear to just be oatmeal cranberry cookies but given that they are loaded with whole grain rolled oats, flax, chia seeds and California dates, they also make a great on the road breakfast.

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A good bag of chips is a road trip essential but deciding on which one is always challenging. That’s why throwing a variety pack of individual sized bags in your car is a great way to stop any arguments. Everyone can get what they want and it may temporarily stop the “Are we there yet?” questioning.

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It’s always nice to have a special drink for a long ride and this is one that will appease the whole family without the sugar crash of a soda. The black cherry lime is a subtle version of your favorite cherry tinged soda, but made with organic flavors and carbonated water.

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These chocolate cherry tahini bites are designed to pop in your mouth and get on with your day, making them perfect for road trips where you may need a burst of energy. They are made with tahini so safe for any peanut allergies, too.

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If you can’t pack fresh fruit, these crunchy baked apples are still simply apples with an awesome crunchy texture. These perfectly portioned bags are great to keep in the car for any length trip.

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Road trips are meant for devouring an entire bag of something, and you’ll want it to be these. These grain free churro strips are sweet with a hint of salt so they aren’t cloying. You may want to bring wet wipes to wipe off the cinnamon sugar from your fingertips when you finish.

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