A Watermelon Cake to Put a Grin on Your Face

Cakes that look like other foods are always crowd-pleasers.
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Watermelon Cake 01:08

You can eat all of this strawberry-flavored watermelon cake, even the rind.

It’s widely known that cakes shaped like other foods are the foolproof secret to wowing party guests. Just look at Food Network Magazine’s nacho cake, popcorn cake or guacamole cake and try not to smile. Before summer ends, we suggest you give our watermelon cake a try too.

This domed dessert makes clever use of a metal mixing bowl to achieve its rounded top, and candy, frosting and chocolate stand in for the watermelon parts you’d usually throw away — the rind and the seeds. Sliced on a plate, the cake looks just like the refreshing fruit you love to eat at barbecues. In fact, why not just serve both and leave guests extra happy?

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