4 Ways to Make a Cream Cheese Sandwich

Inspired by a Chopped Junior mystery basket ingredient, this recipe shows you four ways to make a cream cheese sandwich.
By Angela Carlos

What do you do when life (or the Chopped Junior mystery ingredient basket) gives you everything doughnuts? Besides enjoying the sweet and savory treat as is, you turn them into cream cheese sandwiches for your lunchbox, of course.

This week’s inspiration for our Chopped Junior-inspired lunchbox came early in the episode, when one of our young contestants scraped the cream cheese topping from a sweet-and-savory doughnut and added the topping to his plate.

We instantly took note of this move and couldn’t think of anything but cream cheese sandwiches for the remainder of the episode (judge Alex Guarnaschelli validated our thoughts during her commentary).

So while these young chefs continued to compete for the $10,000 prize, we spent the remainder of the episode dreaming up different flavor combinations to use with our creamy sandwich filling.

Try one of these four winning combinations next time you need a quick and easy lunch:

Cream Cheese + Everything Seasoning on Rye: We couldn’t leave out the onion-y seeds and dried herb mix that inspired us in the first place. Rye bread’s sturdy texture only elevates this combination.

Cream Cheese + Tomato on Pumpernickel: It’s really that simple. Season with salt and pepper, and enjoy the combination of sweet tomatoes and hearty rye bread.

Cream Cheese + Cucumbers on Whole-Wheat Bread: A classic combination is only made better by the addition of fresh herbs, such as mint or dill.

Cream Cheese + Salami on Sourdough: A twist on a ham and cheese sandwich that any kid can appreciate. Add a schmear of spicy mustard for some heat and tang, if you like.

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Photo by Angela Carlos
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