Chopped Junior-Inspired Lunchboxes: Turkey and Cheese Mummy Kebabs

Learn how to make sandwich mummy kebabs inspired by a recent Halloween episode of Chopped Junior.
By Angela Carlos

A recent Halloween episode of Chopped Junior wasn’t exactly business as usual. We’ve seen some pretty outrageous mystery basket ingredients over the many seasons of Chopped and Chopped Junior, but a vile of vampire blood? That certainly was a first.

Neither the zombie scabs (jerky) nor the bloody guts (pastry dough with raspberry jam) slowed down the young contestants, who fought for the $10,000 prize and cooked their way through the spooky mystery basket ingredients.

For this week’s Chopped Junior-inspired lunchbox idea, we borrowed from the haunted, crafty theme to make turkey and cheese mummy kebabs.

To make your own: Cut your crustless turkey and cheese sandwich into bite-sized squares, then skewer about two-thirds of the squares. Add a slice or two of cherry tomato for the mouth. Top with the remaining sandwich. Attach slices of black olive for the eyes with a dollop of mayonnaise. Serve your mummified sandwich with a clementine-celery pumpkin if you like.

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Photo by Angela Carlos
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