Facebook Favorites: A Sushi Brain, Candied Bacon and a Cake for Cookie Monsters



Members of the zombie horde won't be the only ones biting into brains for this spookiest of holidays — you can join in on the fun with Food Network's Halloween Sushi Brain. Our how-to video on Facebook shows you how to put brains on the menu with a core of avocado and cream cheese, an inner layer of sushi rice and a meaty covering of smoked salmon slices. The result is deliciously creepy.

In Food Network’s most popular videos on Facebook this week, see how easy it is to make a Sushi Brain for Halloween, bring candied bacon into your life, build a Philly Cheesesteak Garbage Bread, bite into Guy Fieri's Pimento-Cheese-Stuffed Burger, layer a decadent cake for cookie monsters everywhere, and cook up Cauliflower Soup by The Pioneer Woman.

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