12 Days of Cookies: Classic Shortbread

It’s that time again — Food Network’s annual virtual cookie swap is here! The stars of The Kitchen and the chefs in Food Network Kitchen (our bustling test kitchen) have some ideas that are bound to make it into your annual rotation. Stock up on flour and sugar — you’re gonna need 'em.

Sliced into neat rectangles, pricked gently with a fork, and simultaneously crisp, crumbly and tender, these shortbread cookies are perfectly traditional. And we don’t mean “traditional” in a stuffy, tired way — we mean “traditional” in a familiar, comforting and you’re-going-to-want-to-make-this-cookie-every-year way. They require only five ingredients, so you likely have everything you need to start baking right now.

Get the recipe for Food Network Kitchen’s Classic Shortbread (watch how to make them below), and check out the rest of our All-Star Holiday Cookie Recipes. Then, head over to 12 Days of Cookies for dozens (and dozens!) more ideas for your holiday baking extravaganza.

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Classic Shortbread 01:10

This easy shortbread recipe is crisp, crumbly and tender.
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