Winning Takes on Pot Pie to Bring to the Dinner Table

When you're craving comfort, these classic and creative spins on pot pie are just the thing.



Food Network Kitchen’s Pretzel Pot Pie for Food Network Snapchat recipes, as seen on Food Network.

Photo by: Renee Comet

Renee Comet

Pot pie is one of the first dishes we think of when we think of classic comfort food, from its rich savory filling to a golden brown crust. Done right, it's a dish that leaves you full, satisfied and with a warmth that seeps into your bones. Read on to see our favorite takes on pot pie.

Chewy, salt-topped pretzels fill in for the traditional pastry crust topping to add fun flair and texture to the dish. 



Food Network Kitchen’s All-Crust Sheet Pan Chicken Pot Pie, as seen on Food Network.

Photo by: Renee Comet

Renee Comet

If you find that the crust all but disappears before the rest of the dish when you serve it, make this sheet pan version covered in puff pastry from corner to corner. 

Chicken pot pie hand pies, as seen on Food Network's The Kitchen.

Photo by: David Katz

David Katz

Don’t feel like slaving over the stove? These kid-friendly pockets put store-bought goods to work so you don’t have to, with canned cream of chicken soup, frozen vegetables and rotisserie chicken in the filing and refrigerated pie crust for the shell.

This meat-free version adds mushrooms and extra-firm tofu for heft and soy sauce for an extra burst of umami. The recipe also switches out pastry dough with a topping of toasted potato bread for a table-ready meal in 40 minutes.



Photo by: Justin Walker

Justin Walker

Take your pot pie to the next level with Food Network Magazine's recipe inspired by the classic French beef stew.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with sticking to a classic recipe. With a five-star rating and over a thousand reviews, Ina Garten’s recipe is a sure hit and one we find ourselves coming back to time and time again.

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