Thanksgiving Desserts, Beyond Pie

Photo by: Matt Armendariz ©Copyright 2015

Matt Armendariz, Copyright 2015

If your pie-in-the-sky dream this Thanksgiving is to have something other than the usual slice of pumpkin as your feast finale, these decadent desserts are for you.

Just think of the oohs and ahhs you’ll get when your guests see these super-cute chocolate, almond and candy corn Truffle Turkeys (pictured above). You can even set them out on at your Thanksgiving table as edible decorations.

FN_FN Kitchens Pumpkin Brulee Cheesecake.tif

FN_FN Kitchens Pumpkin Brulee Cheesecake.tif

FN_FN Kitchens Pumpkin Brulee Cheesecake.tif

©2012, Television Food NEtwork, G.P. All Rights Reserved

2012, Television Food NEtwork, G.P. All Rights Reserved

Our crowd-pleasing Pumpkin Brulee Cheesecake boasts pumpkin pie spice flavors, a luscious cream cheese filling and a gorgeous bruleed sugar crust you and your guests will be excited to break into.

Forget ordinary cubes of stale bread: Alton uses chocolate croissants (!) as the base of his custardy Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding.



Trust in Ina to deliver a foolproof recipe that rolls the flavors of Thanksgiving up into one delicious dessert. She starts her Pumpkin Roulade with Ginger Buttercream with a delicate spiced pumpkin cake, which gets slathered with a ginger-mascarpone filling, rolled up, and sliced into pretty pinwheels.

The secret ingredient in Ellie’s Dark Chocolate Mousse? Stay with me here…it's…tofu! But your friends and family will never guess that’s what makes this mousse so light and airy – all they’ll taste is silky chocolate. What better way to cut back on calories after a decadent Thanksgiving feast?

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