Soups and Stews Quick Enough for Weeknights

We've got a week's worth of warm and comforting recipes for you to choose from — and they all come together in under a half-hour.

Sara Lynn Cauchon's Spicy Black Bean Soup with Poached Eggs for the Low-Key Guide to Better Eating, as seen on the Low-Key Guide to Better Eating, Season 1

Photo by: Casey Jones

Casey Jones

There's no denying the pure comfort that comes with a belly filled with warm soup, especially when we're still stuck in the doldrums of February. But standing over the stove sauteing vegetables, browning meat and subsequently waiting for a rich broth to slowly simmer to perfection simply isn't in the cards every night of the week. Life happens! Sometimes you have only 30 minutes to spare, and we get it. That's why we've rounded up these quick and comforting soups that are easy enough to pull off any night of the week.  

Easy Spicy Black Bean Soup (pictured above) calls for fewer than 10 ingredients, all of which you probably already have on hand. Spicing up quickly sauteed onions and peppers with cumin and a hint of cayenne gives this soup an extremely flavorful base. Add in the stock and canned black beans, then let the mixture simmer while you dream about how you'll top your wholesome bowl. Shredded Cheddar, sour cream and chopped red onions are just a start. 

Weeknight Cooking

Weeknight Cooking



Food Network Kitchen's Tortellini in Brodo will taste like it cooked for hours, but only you need to know it took a quick 30 minutes. A smoked pork chop gives the broth an unexpected layer of flavor that will make your weeknight meal feel extra special. And just a small Parmesan rind can add loads of cheesy flavor without a lot of fat. Start stocking up and saving them in the freezer for future soups!

Let's face it: Lasagna is a classic family-pleaser, but it's not a dish you typically make on, say, a Tuesday. Most recipes require boiling noodles, layering, baking — must we go on? This 5-star Lasagna Soup, though, comes with all the saucy, cheesy and meaty parts you love about lasagna in a fraction of the time. Top each bowl with a dollop of creamy ricotta and make weeknight lasagna dreams come true.



Half-hour recipes will meet almost any weeknight dinner requirement, but if you have only 22 minutes to serve up a home-cooked meal, Giada De Laurentiis has the answer: Quick and Spicy Tomato Soup. Jarred marinara and canned chicken broth help this 5-star recipe come together in mere minutes. 



Photo by: Antonis Achilleos

Antonis Achilleos

Give your chicken soup game a little Moroccan flair with this Chickpea Chicken-Noodle Soup. Flavored with cumin and cinnamon, this recipe will have you wondering why you ever thought that stuff from a can was enough. Chickpeas give the soup more protein and texture, and the toasted spaghetti pieces add an unrivaled depth of flavor.  



Photo by: Antonis Achilleos

Antonis Achilleos

For a hearty stew that's filled with complex flavors, look no further than this Portuguese-Style Fish Stew. It's surprisingly quick and easy to make, and it'll be on your table in just 30 minutes. Whatever you do, don't forget to serve crusty bread on the side. You won't want to let a drop of the paprika-spiced broth go to waste.





This Thai Chicken Soup boasts a rich and creamy texture, thanks to a can of coconut milk. It's filled with tender chicken, thin rice noodles and sweet bell peppers, and the green curry pastes gives it a nice dose of heat. Even better, you can have four satisfying bowls on the table quicker than you could order in Thai takeout.

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