Give Spring Peas a Chance

Now's the perfect time to add these little green gems to, well, everything.



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Photo by: Anna Williams

Anna Williams

While you may yearn for fresh asparagus and mark your calendar for strawberry season (picking the freshest berries each year is a must), you might not be as excited about fresh peas — and that's just wrong. Spring peas complement just about any main, or you can even make them a major part of the main; they're filled with nutritious protein, not to mention flavor. Here are five recipes that'll have your whole family saying, "Yes, peas!" (Sorry. We couldn't help ourselves.) 

Thanks to a little heavy cream and chicken broth, you can make a quick sauce for Creamy Spring Peas with Pancetta that will evenly coat every bite. This dish a great way to add a beautiful touch of springtime color and fresh flavor to everything from a quick weeknight dinner to a garden party. 

Introduce your family to garam masala with Aarti Sequeira's 5-star Indian Ground Beef with Peas. You need only cinnamon sticks, cloves, and green and black cardamom pods to make her spicy homemade seasoning. The hearty ground beef balances the shucked fresh English peas perfectly, giving you an all-in-one-skillet meal in just 25 minutes.



Photo by: Yunhee Kim

Yunhee Kim

If you couldn't already tell, peas and pork simply belong together. And Michael Symon's one-pan Peas and Pancetta couldn't be easier, coming together in just 20 minutes. Orange juice and zest bring an unexpected but very welcome flavor to this parsley-flecked side. 

Weeknight Cooking

Weeknight Cooking

Photo by: Ryan Dausch

Ryan Dausch

Spring Pea Tabbouleh is a hearty, vegetarian-friendly way to get your fill of fresh peas. Bulgur is a blank canvas perfect for snow peas, snap peas and a trio of fresh herbs; you can serve four in a little over a half-hour.



Food Stylist: Anne Disrude Prop Stylist: Pamela Duncan Silver

Photo by: Anna Williams

Anna Williams

Take Spring Peas with Dates and Walnuts to your next potluck. The pitted dates lend natural sweetness to the peas, and just a pinch of cayenne adds a kick that complements the fresh, seasonal flavors.

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