This Is the Most Popular Apple Recipe on Pinterest

There's a reason this blogger recommends making two of these loaves at once.

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Photo by: Courtesy of The Baking ChocolaTess

Courtesy of The Baking ChocolaTess

There's no bad way to eat an apple — especially during the fall. The crisp fruit is never better than it is right now, and it's sweet tartness pairs especially well with other autumnal flavors, like cinnamon and brown sugar. But there’s much more to make with these ingredients than just pies and crumbles. A whole world of apple-infused treats is out there, and we intend to eat them all.

That’s why we asked Pinterest for their most-pinned apple recipe. They came back with a fluffy, buttery apple dessert from The Baking ChocolaTess. Kim, the mastermind behind the blog, says she loves baking with apples because "apple desserts are delicious, comforting and impossible to resist."

Kim’s Apple Fritter Bread is one of her most popular recipes, and is still going strong four years after she first posted it. The dessert is filled with chunks of juicy apples, a brown sugar and cinnamon swirl and topped with a gooey glaze. Need we say more?

With 230K saves on just one Pinterest post, this recipe is a fall must-have. Plus, once you start baking this bread, you can throw those fall candles away. As Kim says, "once that apple fritter bread fills the house with its intoxicating, irresistible aroma while it’s baking, it’s pretty much over. You won’t be able to resist."

And before you bust out the bread pans, Kim has just one word of advice. "So many people have commented and emailed me about how much they love baking and serving this bread to their families," she says. "The verdict seems to be that you need to bake two, because the first one will disappear in no time."

You don’t need to tell us twice, Kim!

Photo by: Courtesy of The Baking ChocolaTess

Courtesy of The Baking ChocolaTess

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