This Is the Most Popular Instant Pot Recipe on Pinterest

It's why you bought an Instant Pot — really.

Photo by: Courtesy of Healing Gourmet

Courtesy of Healing Gourmet

Are you as obsessed with the Instant Pot as we are? People across the Internet (we see you, Facebook) love to sing its praises, and with good reason — after all, the pressure cooker can help you make everything from potatoes to pot roast with much more ease than usual. So, when we asked Pinterest for their most popular Instant Pot recipe, we weren’t surprised to receive a crowd-pleasing, super-simple dinner in return.

Kelley, the blogger behind Healing Gourmet, credits the Instant Pot with transforming her cooking. "The recipes are fast and suitable for even the most novice cooks," she says. "And the results — given the right recipe — rival what you'd expect from a high-end restaurant."

But what is the right recipe? According to Pinterest (this post was saved 180,000 times), it doesn’t get better than Kelley’s fall-off-the-bone chicken. Her hearty chicken is juicy, tender and loaded with flavor. Plus, with just a few ingredients, it’s certainly simple enough to whip up on a weeknight.

Photo by: Courtesy of Healing Gourmet

Courtesy of Healing Gourmet

Even better, Kelley’s recipe is infinitely customizable. She loves to switch it up for salads, tacos and even a pho-inspired dish. "It includes slices of fresh ginger, minced garlic, sesame oil, scallions, a little fish sauce and coconut aminos," Kelley says. "The broth tastes like pho. Just add cilantro, fresh lime wedges and your favorite noodle (or zucchini noodle) for a delicious twist on the Vietnamese original."

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