11 Leisurely Weekend Breakfast Recipes My Family of 6 Loves

Skip the cold cereal on weekends and take your time making these hearty, comforting breakfasts instead.

By: Foodlets

Weekend mornings are my favorite now. With my oldest in fourth grade and my youngest turning five this spring, our kids sleep in. Sort of. (When I say “sleep in,” every parent knows what I mean: they spring into action around 7 a.m., which as any parent also knows, is HUGE! Because for most of their lives, my crew has been committed to a 5:30 a.m. wakeup call. So. #progress.) Plus, there’s less rush in general. Without the fear of being late to school, things slow down. We amble.

In fact, this mama is so relaxed these days that I stay in pajamas through breakfast. I used to jump up and get dressed first thing. Wrestling four little kids into their clothes was an all-hands-on-deck affair, and I always felt like I needed that head start. (Plus, see 5:30 a.m. above.) But about a year ago, my oldest daughter witnessed the breakthrough. “Wow, I didn’t know mommies had pa-jammies too!” Believe it, sister.

So, with more relaxed timing, big weekend breakfasts have become a favorite part of our routine.

Sometimes I take lots of time for a masterpiece like Classic Cinnamon Rolls , a Lattice Bacon Breakfast Pie or my own favorite weekend breakfast from childhood, a Dutch Baby Giant Pancake. My kids love it every bit as much as I did.

But most of the time I’m a cook who loves her shortcuts. Even on weekends.

There are Strawberry Hand Pies that start with a simple store-bought pie crust. Or my Cheater’s Shortcut Pastry Ring that only calls for three ingredients (and you’ll never guess where the pastry comes from!)

Of course, pancakes are big with my kids, but I’m too antsy to stand around the stove all morning. That’s why I throw the whole batch in the oven for Sheet Pan Pancakes that politely cook all at once. French Toast Casserole with Blueberries works the same way and both are a hit every time!

Bacon and eggs are fan favorites, and the two best ways to serve them don’t even require a fork. Scrambled eggs transform into hand-held Ham, Egg & Cheese Breakfast Pockets when you bake them inside a biscuit. No biscuit dough on hand? Our Bacon & Egg Breakfast Cups come together with a piece of buttered bread inside a muffin pan.

But the best breakfast, the one that keeps everyone circling the platter to find out “Is Daddy going to eat his?” That’s always going to be a freshly baked batch of Ina Garten’s Cranberry Orange Scones. Scones don’t really work well the next day but don’t worry. You won’t have any left anyway. Just ask my husband.

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