When It Comes to Christmas Desserts, Bigger is Always Better

Get ready for some ginormous bites.

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Food Network Kitchen’s Gigantic Standing Snowman.

Photo by: Matt Armendariz

Matt Armendariz

You've probably heard this phrase before: Bigger is always better. When it comes to desserts, I've always found this statement to be 100% true. I mean, why would you settle for a regular-sized cinnamon bun, when you could have an ooey-gooey, giant one instead? The same philosophy goes for chocolate chip cookies, ice cream sundaes, fudgy layer cakes, frosting-topped cupcakes...the list quite literally goes on and on.

If you need more convincing or aren't sure what kind of occasion calls for a deliciously over-the-top creation, look no further than December 25th. Whether you're expecting a house full of out-of-town-guests or want to throw a more intimate Christmas dinner with close family and friends, larger-than-life desserts are the way to go this holiday season. Not only will you have more than enough to go around, these giant confections are sure to fill all your visitors with the heartwarming joy of Christmas.

Here's a roundup of our super-sized favorites. Scroll down to take a look – you won't be disappointed.

Frosty the Snowman was a jolly, happy soul with a sugar ribbon scarf, a cakepop nose and two eyes made out of marshmallow!

This ginormous wheel-shaped babka is loaded with melted bittersweet chocolate and topped with a gooey cream cheese glaze to create a delectable after-dinner treat. Serve it sliced with frothy coffee or have guests dig right in for a sticky pull-apart experience.

Food Network Kitchen’s Giant Peanut Butter Blossom Cookie Cake.

Photo by: Matt Armendariz

Matt Armendariz

Searching for a winning recipe that's sure to make you the star of your office bake off or Christmas cookie swap? Look no further than this giant peanut butter blossom. To get the traditional crinkled-texture, coat all sides of your cookie dough in sugar.

Food Network Kitchen’s Giant Chocolate Lava Cake.

Photo by: Matt Armendariz

Matt Armendariz

Add an additional surprise to your Christmas celebration with this ultra decadent lava cake. Hidden within the rich batter are two chocolate-coated ice cream sandwiches that melt when baked to create a luscious river of chocolately goodness. Assemble all your guests around the bowl, hand them a spoon and watch the good times roll.

Croque en Bouche on a White Plate Placed Near two white candles

©2009, Hearst Communications, Inc.

2009, Hearst Communications, Inc.

With its towering height and glistening caramel web, this quintessential Christmas dessert is bound to be a showstopper at your holiday gathering. For an extra dose of holiday cheer, fill your pillowy puffs with chocolate-peppermint or carmel cinnamon pastry cream.

Piece of Cake - Seven-Layer Dip Trifle and Rainbow Cookie

Piece of Cake - Seven-Layer Dip Trifle and Rainbow Cookie

Photo by: Ralph Smith

Ralph Smith

Santa may want to make a second trip to your house when he hears you're making this enormous tricolored cookie cake. Just like a traditional rainbow cookie, this masterpiece consists of three layers of almond-flavored cake sandwiched between tasty raspberry jam. To make the chocolate top, simply drag a fork across in a zigzag pattern to add some waviness.

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