Here's the Flag Cake Recipe You've Been Looking For

Seriously, cake-decorating doesn't get any easier.

Food Network Kitchens Flag Cake

Flag Cake

Food Network Kitchens Flag Cake

Photo by: Matt Armendariz ©2012, Television Food Network, GP. All Rights Reserved

Matt Armendariz, 2012, Television Food Network, GP. All Rights Reserved

The BBQ, the fireworks, the friends, the long weekend — you've got the Fourth of July on the brain. (And it's still June!) No judgment. We're right there with you. No matter whether you'll be hosting or simply attending an Independence Day celebration, there's one dessert we can all agree is a must.

You guessed it: the obligatory flag cake.

Wait. Does the idea of making a beautifully decorated flag cake for all your friends to ooh and aah over sort of freak you out? Are your frosting skills just not as impressive as your mom's yet? Can you even have a Fourth of July cookout without a flag cake?!

Have no fear. Food Network Kitchen's recipe is here.

Yes, this flag cake is beautiful and delicious, but there is one simple reason this recipe is the recipe for you: It is easy! Seasoned bakers and beginner chefs alike can pull off this dessert with showstopping results. Translation: You won't need to tint a ton of frosting, dirty a whole bunch of decorating tips or even find all those extra pastry bags you know you bought for your kid's last birthday.

The only "special equipment" you'll need for this cake is a pastry bag and a small rosette tip. Make the sweet stripes with sliced strawberries, and use fresh blueberries for the prettiest blue background for quick-to-pipe frosting stars.

The stars and stripes alone are sure to wow your crowd, but you'll really blow everyone away when you slice into this masterpiece and reveal the red, white and blue sprinkles baked inside. This might just become your signature Fourth of July dessert.

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