Grazing Boards Are the Coolest Way to Serve Dinner this Summer

Plus 7 recipes to inspire you.

Food Stylist Meg Quinn shares her epic Meat and Cheese board, as seen on Food Network's The Kitchen

Whether you’re feeding a crowd or cooking for two, we’ve found the coolest way to serve dinner this summer. You might be wondering at this point: what the heck is a grazing board? And we’re glad you asked. Quite simply, it’s an artfully arranged spread of food on a large cutting board — like this beauty designed by board connoisseur Meg Quinn on The Kitchen. Place a grazing board the center of your dinner table, and everyone can leisurely snack as they please — instead of having "firsts," "seconds" and "thirds." Grazing boards double as a gorgeous centerpiece (let the ’grams rain) and reduce the number of serving dishes you have to clean. Here, a few of our favorite ideas to get your started.

Glorified Cheese and Charcuterie

At last, you can eat all of the cheeses and meats for dinner. Double down on the fruit and veggie accoutrements (Pepperoncini! Olives! Cherry Tomatoes! Pickled ginger! Blueberries! Apricots!) to make this spread feel meal-worthy.

Grilled Chicken with Avocado Tomato Salad

Proof that most dinners can be served on a board instead of a platter. Yeah, we’re talking about your go-to chicken dinner: serve it on a board next time.

Meze Platter

We love the idea of assembling nothing but the good stuff. Dolmas, falafel, cheese stuffed peppers, figs: no "filler" foods allowed.

Spring Roll Board

Maybe you’ve gone all out with DIY spring rolls and sushi. Maybe you’ve ordered them from your local takeout joint. Either way, serve them on a board to instantly impress and corral dipping sauces in pretty bowls in the middle.

Brunch Board

Technically, you can make grazing boards for other meals of the day too, like brunch. Though to be honest, who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner? Bring on the lox, schmear, bacon, sliced onion, jammy eggs, avocado and bagels galore.

Tabletop Grazing

Tip: If you don’t own a big enough board, feel free to lay out your accoutrement on smaller boards in the center of the table. Or, if it’s a mingling sort of evening, directly on your countertop.

Sandwich Board

Roast beef, turkey or ham? There are endless options to mix and match on this decidedly non-dainty platter.

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