Staffer Picks: Here's Everything Food Network Staffers Are Buying This Prime Day

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July 15, 2019

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In case you haven't heard (and let's be honest, you probably have), it's officially Prime Day 2019. If there's something you've had your eye on for a while — think air fryers! stand mixers! coffee makers! — but haven't purchased yet, today's the day to finally add it to your cart. And just in case you need another reason to start shopping, we asked our editors to share their Prime Day must-haves. Here's everything they're stocking up on right now.

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BUY IT: Amazon, $31.49 (reg. $44.99)

Today’s the day if you’ve been waiting to pull the trigger on a Dutch oven. I recently purchased several Amazon Basics Dutch ovens in order to keep the budget down for a shoot and I am happy to report that they are just as good, if not better, than their major brand name counterparts. They’re already very affordable (as far as Dutch ovens go) but today they’re even lower! The 6-quart is 31 DOLLARS. I’m stocking up for our upcoming digital projects.

Larisa Alvarez, Managing Culinary Producer


BUY IT: Amazon, $25 - $2,000

I noticed you can buy a $25 Amazon gift card and get $5 back, so I bought one for myself. I figured it’s like a 25% off coupon that I can use to make Prime Day extend beyond tomorrow, because, as Cooking Channel’s Rev Run might say, it’s tricky to rock a Prime that’s right on time.

— Mike Singer, Content Operations


BUY IT: Amazon, $99.99 (reg. $181.99)

All I want for Prime Day is a Nespresso machine. More caffeine and good coffee! This is one of those luxe items I’ve always wanted and today is the day to snag it!

— Debra Puchalla, SVP Digital Programming and Digital


BUY IT: Amazon, $139.99 (reg. $299.95)

Since making the switch to Air Pods almost a year ago, wireless feels like the only way to go when it comes to headphones. The only problem is that the tiny buds aren’t great for air or train travel. They don’t block out much noise and I find I have to turn the volume way up to hear podcasts with any kind of clarity, which is why I’ve been in the market for a pair of on-ear headphones for a while now. These Beats headphones are a great buy. This is a seriously low price (when have you ever seen these designer duds for less than $150?!), and the quality of the Beats brand is notoriously top-notch. Let’s just say, I’ll be adding a pair of these to my cart stat.

— T.K. Brady, Digital Editor


BUY IT: Amazon, $189.99 (reg. $329.99)

I just moved into my apartment and it’s time to treat myself to a new TV to binge-watch Netflix. This one will be perfect once it’s mounted on the wall!

— Rachel Gramuglia, Social Media Coordinator


BUY IT: Amazon, $29.87 (reg. $45.95)

These days, sneakers are pretty much the only type of shoe I wear. I haven’t had great luck cleaning sneakers in the washing machine. I find that they lose their shape and end up looking worn rather than clean. It seems like this kit is the solution. I love that it comes with everything I could need, from brushes and clothes to biodegradable cleaning solutions — and a cute pouch to keep everything organized.

— Heath Goldman, Culinary Editor


BUY IT: Amazon, $229.99 (reg. 374.99)

I have been planning to buy a Roomba for quite some time now and today is the day! A colleague of mine has been raving about hers for a year now so I’ve been watching prices for months and with the insane deal today I think I’ll finally pull the trigger. I’m going with the Roomba 690, although not my first choice (anted the 675) the deal made it far less expensive so the added features aren’t going to push me over my spending threshold. I’m excited to have the cleanest house on the block/fingers crossed this big ticket item isn’t a total bust! (To be clear, I already own TWO other vacuums.)

— Tina Weber, Executive Producer

I’ve been wanting an iRobot for a while, but the fact that Prime Day falls right in the middle of my Border Collie’s summer shedding season means it’s in my cart right now. I’ll save $100 by buying it today, and it in turn will save me my daily vacuuming routine.

— Michelle Buffardi, VP Digital Programming


BUY IT: Amazon, $26.99 (reg. $30.99)

I am all about the home when it comes to Prime Day. My first choice are these reusable silicone bags that come in a variety of sizes. I am very guilty of using way too many single use plastic zip top bags. These help me stick to my resolution of being greener and I'll share this great deal with my friends and family. Smaller carbon footprint for the win!

— Vivian Chan, Culinary Producer


BUY IT: Amazon, $11.39 (reg. $13.98)

This is admittedly a lame Prime Day choice, but I needed to replace my toiletry case that I’ve had since college, and this one fits the bill. Lots of pockets, inoffensive to look at and (best of all!) it came to $0.93 with an extra 10% coupon and my $10 earned from shopping at Whole Foods last week. Is it weird that I’m so excited about a toiletry bag? Maybe. But that’s what Prime Day is all about.

— Julie Hines, Managing Editor


BUY IT: Amazon, $19.99

Whether I'm topping off a delicious pizza or perfecting a vibrant guacamole, I always make sure to have fresh herbs in the kitchen. The biggest challenge is using them all before they go bad. I forget about this fresh keeper container until I'm throwing my wilted greens into the garbage, but now that it's on sale I'm never going to waste precious oregano again! This will keep herbs green up to 10 days longer and make my homemade basil pesto the freshest it's ever been.

— McKenna Uhde, Culinary Editorial Intern


BUY IT: Amazon, $199.95 (reg. $268.95)

This is the best toaster I have ever used! My mom has owned it for years, so I was VERY excited to see it on the list of Prime deals this year. It cooks (and bakes, shockingly) just as good as my oven.

— Toren Weiner, Director, Social Media


BUY IT: Amazon, $99.99 (reg. $129.99)

I’ve been obsessing over the Ninja air fryer for months and the Prime Day price tag has inspired me to take the plunge. I can’t wait to make healthier versions of my favorite guilty pleasures (chicken tenders are totally adult-appropriate, thank-you-very-much) and even try out air-fried desserts! Plus, I no longer have to fear hot oil splatters when I cook on the stove! Win-win.

— Leah Scalzadonna, Digital Editorial Producer


BUY IT: Amazon, $44.99 for pack of 8

I am an organizing voyeur. Nothing is more soothing at the end of the day than to scroll through images of impossibly tidy pantries, kitchen cabinets and closets on my Instagram feed. But perfection doesn’t come cheap — the cost of all those matching bins and containers quickly adds up. Now that mDesign plastic storage containers are on sale for Prime Day, the dream is within reach. I’m stocking up on these stackable bins and tall containers for my pantry. I’m also going to get these smaller boxes to organize tea bags and this lazy Susan, because according to my favorite celebrity organizers (yes, they exist), having one in the fridge will change my life.

— Lygeia Grace, Director, Culinary Editorial


BUY IT: Amazon, $179.95 (reg. $269.95)

I’ve had my eye on a Vitamix for while — not only is it truly the best for creamy soups and perfectly blended smoothies, I also think it can up my sauce and nut butter game. Vitamix’s Explorian refurbished models have a three-year warranty and pass a rigorous 17-point inspection checklist before they can be sold, so I feel confident that I’d be getting an item that’s as close to new as possible — totally worth it for the great price.

— Lauren Piro, Editorial Director


BUY IT: Amazon, $89 (reg. $129)

Ok, so this will be my third pouf (technically that’s enough to make my home a pouf rescue) but I just love them. They make a comfy chair or foot rest and can be moved easily or tossed into a corner. Whenever I have parties guests always gravitate to the poufs. I like the gray upholstery and feet on this one. (I hope it gets along with the others!)

— Leah Brickley, Senior Culinary Editor


BUY IT: Amazon, $69.95 (reg. $99)

There are few things that I find more refreshing on a hot New York City day than an ice-cold cup of cold brew coffee. In an attempt to avoid dropping an alarming amount of money each day, I’ve tried many different brewing appliances to make my own batches at home — but this KitchenAid version caught my eye as a sleek and easy-to-use option (I mean, just look how beautiful it looks on the counter!). Fingers crossed that this cold brew coffee brewer saves both me and my bank account from the summer heat!

— Rachel Trujillo, Associate Content Editor


BUY IT: Amazon, $23.99 (reg. $39.20)

This year I’m thinking ahead to Christmas (or next week: who am I kidding?) and getting my son some Transformer toys. He is deep into Transformers these days and this stands out as a good deal.

— Melissa Gaman, Recipe Developer


BUY IT: Amazon, $19.22 (reg. $29.99)

I've been in the market for some new mixing bowls and these beauties from KitchenAid look like they'll do the trick! Their easy-pour spouts will help make whipping up a stack a golden pancakes a breeze, and since they nest one inside of the other, storing them won't be a hassle. Now, all that's left to do is figure out what shelf to put them on. Something tells me right next to my glossy red KitchenAid stand mixer works...

— Michelle Baricevic, Online Editorial Coordinator, Food Network Magazine

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