7 Recipes That Prove You Should Be Grilling Cheese

And we're not talking about sandwiches.

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Photo by: Armando Rafael

Armando Rafael

You remember how much you loved grilled cheese as a kid — those crispy, buttery slices of bread held together by melty slices of cheese. No matter whether you were team white cheese or team orange cheese, we can all agree grilled cheese was bomb.

Who are we kidding? It still is.

But we're putting a spin on this childhood pastime that you and all your grown-up friends will love. We're talking about grilled cheese, which is totally different than grilled cheese. So, put the griddle away. We're grilling cheese.

Grilled Halloumi Cheese (pictured above)

The concept of grilling cheese doesn't get much easier than Bobby Flay's 10-minute recipe. Halloumi's high melting point makes it perfect for grilling. Brush the cheese with olive oil and place directly on the grill for about two minutes per side. When those beautiful grill marks appear, it's time to slice and sprinkle with oregano and a squeeze of lemon juice.

Wrap up a round piece of goat cheese with jarred grape leaves for an app that is sure to impress. Once the cheese is soft and the leaves just begin to char, remove from the grill and top with rosemary-infused olive oil. Serve with crusty bread on the side and watch it disappear.



Chef Name: Food Network KitchenFull Recipe Name: Kids Can Make: Pizza SkewersTalent Recipe: FNK Recipe: Project: Foodnetwork.com, SUMMER/APPETIZERS/PASTAShow Name: Food Network / Cooking Channel: Food Network,Chef Name: Food Network Kitchen Full Recipe Name: Kids Can Make: Pizza Skewers Talent Recipe: FNK Recipe: Project: Foodnetwork.com, SUMMER/APPETIZERS/PASTA Show Name: Food Network / Cooking Channel: Food Network

Photo by: Renee Comet ©2013, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved

Renee Comet, 2013, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved

This is a fun take on grilled cheese that big and little kids can help make. Your tiny assistants can help stir up the ingredients and even thread the skewers. When pizza meets kebabs on the grill, everyone wins.

Why wait till the holiday appetizer spread to indulge in warm, melty Brie? Grill a thick slice of pineapple, sandwich it between two slices of Brie and cover it with prosciutto. That sure sounds like a gift to us!

Further proof that cheese and fruit belong together is Trisha Yearwood's soft, grilled Brie topped with caramelized strawberries. The sweet-salty pairing will go perfectly with your favorite crackers.

Fresh mozzarella balls, juicy cherry tomatoes and fragrant basil — those refreshing caprese ingredients simply taste like summer. Thread them on skewers and grill for a fun upgrade that may make you forget all about the treasured Italian salad.

We have a feeling you've never stacked up an appetizer quite like this before. Just be sure to give the potatoes a head start by boiling them first, so they're tender yet still firm — you want them to finish cooking on the grill and be ready for their debut just when the cheese begins to melt.

Danica Patrick's Cheddar and Fig Jam Grilled Cheese, as seen on Food Network's The Kitchen, Season 7.

Photo by: Jason DeCrow ©2015, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved

Jason DeCrow, 2015, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved

And, if you insist, you can make grilled cheese on the grill. It's pretty amazing, actually.

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