Our Most Popular Healthy Breakfast Recipe

Start your day right, even if you’re short on time.



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We’ve all been there: half-way through the morning, our stomachs rumbling because we didn’t eat a healthy breakfast. It happens.

Sometimes we’re so busy handing out backpacks before the school bus arrives that we accidentally leave our breakfast at home. Sometimes we hit the “snooze” button and skip our first meal in an effort to save a few minutes. Other times our commute is stalled and we settle for a frosting-topped pastry that leaves us hungry and craving sugar until lunchtime.

Whatever the reason, we all know one thing to be true: the most important meal of the day becomes our last priority when we’re busy or running late.

Maybe that's why Food Network’s #1 most popular healthy breakfast recipe (with nearly 300 reviews) is one that you can make-ahead — in a big batch. Alton’s granola bars (filled with good-for-you ingredients) are the perfect, nutritious, grab-and-go bite in the morning. Try baking these 5-star-rated treats on the weekend and stashing them (individually wrapped and air-tight) in your car, desk or bag for up to a week. That way, you have a healthy breakfast on-hand when you’re in a pinch!

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