This Hack for Cutting Bell Peppers Changes Everything

No more pesky seeds all over your cutting board, people!

December 03, 2019

Cutting a bell pepper can be messy and time consuming. First you have to get rid of the middle part (whatever it’s called) and then all ... those ... seeds. That’s why, even though my 16-year-old son, Max, loves green pepper (and red pepper and yellow pepper and orange pepper), there are times that I just can’t be bothered to cut and serve peppers as part of my crudités especially when I’m in a rush to prepare for guests. I find myself reaching for the easy stuff (like baby carrots and snap peas) instead. Sorry, Max.

But hey, good news for my perpetually hungry, pepper-loving teen: Thanks to a new tip I picked up while watching one of Elena Besser’s on-demand videos on the Food Network Kitchen app, I will never have to skip the pepper again. Elena’s class on upgrading store-bought hummus (a little olive oil and za’atar go a long way!) showed me that cutting a bell pepper doesn’t have to be a pain.

“I want to show you guys my favorite tip for cutting a pepper” Elena starts. “Cut off the top. Cut off the bottom,” she says, as she slices each end clean and flat.

“Run your knife right down it, turning the pepper vertically and slicing straight down along the side. Then, run your knife across the sides,” she instructs, as she angles the knife around the inside of the pepper, rotating and coring it with ease.

“Ready for this? This changed my life,” Elena says, as she plucks out the inner part of the pepper (seeds and all) in one clean piece leaving the outer part on her cutting board, like a bespoke jacket. “And look at that. Where are the seeds? They are all in the center. They are nowhere on our cutting board!” she exclaims.

And, you know what? I agree with her this trick is might just change my life. Not to mention Max’s!

You can get Elena’s tips for cutting veggies, upgrading hummus and all sorts of other things on the Food Network Kitchen app. Sign up now and you’ll be able to drop in on lots of incredible live and on-demand classes with all your favorite Food Network chefs. (They even answer question from viewers in real time. So, if there’s something you’ve been dying to ask this is your chance!)

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