Re-Think Breakfast with Ree's Lower-Carb Eggs Benedict

No English muffin? No problem!

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My secret confession? I love to eat vegetables for breakfast. On relaxed weekend mornings, I prefer to wake up late, take stock of my fridge and whip up some eggs with whatever is left in the crisper. I've wound up with some weird combinations (like a broccoli, asparagus and scallion omelet), but I love the boost of greens I get without drinking a smoothie or juice.

That’s why I was so excited when I scrolled through the Food Network Kitchen app and came across Ree Drummond’s class for Lower-Carb Eggs Benedict. I quickly learned that you don’t need an English muffin to make the classic dish — you can swap the bread with kale, instead. Furthermore, Ree cooks her kale in the same pan she uses to fry bacon, creating an extra-rich flavor that infuses every part of the dish.

However, the kale swap wasn’t my only surprise. I was stunned when I saw how easy it was to make Ree’s hollandaise sauce. Before watching this class, I always thought hollandaise sauce required frantic whisking in an effort to avoid accidentally scrambling the eggs. But Ree drops her ingredients in a blender, heats butter until it’s bubbling and hot, then slowly pours in the butter to cook the eggs while they’re already blending. It’s easy, quick and a total game-changer for topping eggs, steak, salmon and more.

Though Ree (and I) both love kale, there’s no reason this dish wouldn’t work equally well with sautéed spinach. Oh, and if you don’t like bacon? Totally fine to skip it. When you think about it, there’s a million ways to customize Ree’s recipe — and I can’t wait to try them out.

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